Totauri Mango Pulp

Mango Pulp

Totapuri Mango Pulp : Totapuri Mango is the famous mango found primarily in Andhra Pradesh. The Totapuri Mango is also grown in the Indian States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These mangoes are large in size and golden yellow in colour. It is oblong in shape and has a prominent beak-like pointed end. These mangoes vary in length but are generally about 7 inches long. The skin of the fruit is usually thick and the colour can vary from green to yellow. This variety of mango is known to contain nutrients, such as vitamins A, E, C & B5 and is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C. Some of these vitamins are good for adding a glow to the skin and its antioxidant enzymes provide nourishment to body while increasing resistance power.


  • Bakery & Confectionaries : Toppings & fillings in fruit breads, cakes, tarts, muffins, pie filings, icings, fruit bars, fruit toffees etc.
  • Beverages : Juice, Nectar, Fruit drinks, fruit cocktails
  • Dairy : Milkshakes, Ice creams, yoghurts, toppings, desserts.
  • Baby foods : Cereals, Fruit Juices, strained fruit juices, fruit drinks
  • Others foods : Fruit juices, jams, jellies, strained fruit drinks, Squashes etc.



Pursuit Aseptic fruit purees are available in (215 kgs) bags in drum. Aseptic fruit purees are filled aseptic filler into pre-sterilized, high-barrier bags placed in steel drums internally painted with food grade lacquer and lid tightly closed to ensure no free space inside the drum.

OTS Cans.

Pursuit Canned fruit purees are available in A-10 size cans (3.1 kgs) such 6 cans in one carton.



80 drums per 20 ft container palletized or unpalletized.


6 x 3.1kgs A-10 cans in one carton and 1000 cartons in 20 ft container.


Aseptic product:

It should be stored at cool & dry place below 20ºC. Preferably below 15 ºC for extended shelf life.

Canned product:

Stored in ambient temperature in cool and dry place.

Shelf life:

24 months from the date of production under above mentioned storage conditions. The contents must be immediately used after opening the bag or can.