Printed BOPP Laminated Woven Sack & Bags

Multi Color Printed BOPP
  • Multicolor Printed BOPP Laminated Woven Sack & Bags. Is Our Core Product. We exports It In Wide Range With Best Quality Of Raw Material To Increase Bag Life. We Produce From 5 kg To 75 Kg. Of Bags. We Used All Food Grade Material To Manufacture This Bags. We Also Have Food Grade Certificated.
  • Its Usage Is Increasing Rapidly Around The Globe due to its attractive appearance which increase Brand Value with excellent printing quality and due to its water resistance quality.
  • BOPP Bags has different layers in it , they are also called as are multilayer bags.
  • PP / HDPE Woven Fabric is first layer of the bag and laminated with BOPP film on it.
  • Firstly multi color BOPP Film is manufacture through engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. Then it is laminated on HDPE / PP Woven Fabric

They are available in gusseted form for better stacking and easy to handle while transport.

  • We offers BOPP Laminated Bags with Metalize Finish, Mirror Finish, Mate finish or in both combination.
  • We offers BOPP Laminated Bags with Multi colour Printing upto 8 colour print on Both side.
  • We offers BOPP Laminated bags with Handle , D-Cut Handle And Revate Handle, mainly used for 5 kg Bags.
  • We offers BOPP Laminated Bags in Gusseted form for better Stacking and Transparent Gusset is to view the inside products.
  • We Also Offers Antiskid Facility In BOPP Bags For Better Stacking of Bag