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Pursuit manufactures certified Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin for our clients. Both of these acids are used in various industries and especially by the food industry. Food processing industries use Ammonia mixed with water or Ammonium hydroxide for various purposes. This combination of nitrogen and hydrogen is used by the food industry and other industries. Ammonia is a substance that is known for protein synthesis in the human body. Ammonium Hydroxide is used for food processing and preserving as well. It is a widely accepted substance for food processing. It is mostly considered as safe for food processing. Therefore, many foods related businesses have started using it for the packaging, etc.

Why Pursuit for Ammonium Hydroxide or Chlorinated Paraffin Products?

Pursuit, one of the leading Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers and Chlorinated Paraffin manufacturers has extensive experience of making these products using the best quality raw material. Chlorinated Paraffin is used in the food industry as well. And, the demand of this paraffin is quite high as well. Therefore, we keep manufacturing top quality Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin for our food manufacturing or processing clients.

Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin could be used by some other industries as well for different purposes. Therefore, Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers and Chlorinated Paraffin manufacturers make both of these products in large quantities, keeping in mind the diverse or high volume use of the products. But, mostly, both of them are widely used in food processing plants.

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