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Pursuit is recognized as one of the best Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers and Chlorinated Paraffin manufacturers in the country. Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin are used in various industries. They are used widely in the food industry. In the food industry, Ammonia is mixed with water, and then it is used for specific purposes. Ammonia is considered a useful material for the synthesis of protein in the human body. There are many applications of Ammonium Hydroxide in the food processing and preserving industry. Many food-related businesses have started using Ammonia Hydroxide because it is turning out to be beneficial.

Pursuit has several clients in the food and other industries that buy Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin from us in high quantities. Therefore, we are considered one of the topmost Chlorinated Paraffin manufacturers. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying such chemicals to a vast number of clients.

Why select Pursuit – One of the topmost Chlorinated Paraffin and Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers

Listed below are some of the key reasons that help us become one of the topmost Ammonium Hydroxide & Chlorinated Paraffin manufacturers in India:

We provide absolutely pure Ammonium Hydroxide

All the chemicals that we manufacture, including Ammonium Hydroxide and Chlorinated Paraffin, are completely free from any kind of contamination. They are used extensively in a wide range of industries across the world, and therefore, it is very important for the industries to use only pure chemicals. Being one of the leading Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers, we deliver certified chemicals so that our clients can reap maximum benefits.

Competitive Prices of Chemicals

One of the other reasons that make us one of the most preferred Ammonium Hydroxide manufacturers and Chlorinated Paraffin Manufacturers is that we deliver chemicals at the most reasonable prices. We make sure that the clients get maximum benefits from their investment in the chemicals.

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