High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a type of plastic that is made from polystyrene and a small amount of rubber. It is a strong, durable material that is resistant to impact and has good dimensional stability.

HIPS is commonly used to make food packaging materials, such as containers for fresh and frozen foods, and disposable cups and plates. It is also used in the manufacturing of toys, automotive parts, and electronic components.

One of the main advantages of HIPS is its impact resistance, which makes it a good choice for applications where the material may be subjected to rough handling. It is also easy to process and can be molded into a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Overall, HIPS is a popular choice for a variety of applications due to its strength, durability, and versatility.



  • Fiber (Carpet,Textiles,Upholstery, etc.
  • Film (shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc.)
  • Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container,Lubricant & Paint container, etc.)
  • Injection Molding(Automotive, Electronic, Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc.)
Property Unit Test Method Test Condition HIPS
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 ASTM D-638 23°C 220
( MPa) ( ISO527) -22
Tensile Elongation % ASTM D-638 23°C 40
( ISO527)
Flexural Strength kg/cm2 ASTM D-790 23°C 440
( MPa) ( ISO178) -43
Flexural Modulus kg/cm2*104 ASTM D-790 23°C 2.3
( MPa) ( ISO178) -2260
Izod kg-cm/cm ASTM D-256 23°C 11
Impact Strength ( J/m ) ( ISO R180 ) 1/4'' bar -108
Vicat Softening °C ASTM D-1525 Annealed 95
Temperature (ISO306B) 80°C×2Hr
1/8'' bar
Heat Deflection °C ASTM D-648 Annealed 88
Temperature ( 75/A) 80°C×2Hr
1/8'' bar
Melt g/10 min ASTM D-1238 200°C×5Kg 5.5
Flow Index ( ISO1133 ) ( 49N )
Residual Monomer ppm max. - - 700
Molding % FCFC 23°C 0.4~0.6
Shrinkage Method
Specific Gravity - ASTM D-792 23°C/23°C 1.04
( ISO1183 )
Flammability - UL-94 FILE NO. 1/16" HB
E162823 NC