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Do you want to have a delicious fruity experience in the morning, evening, or between the meals? If yes, then go for a pack of yummy fruit jam made by Pursuit. It is one of the top fruit Jam manufacturers in India. Pursuit has been manufacturing a wide range of fruit jams for a very long time. Choose from an extensive range of options, mix fruit jam, blueberry jam, mango jam, raspberry jam, cherry jam, apricot jam, and many more. All the jams manufactured by us are pretty popular in the market as they have a tremendous taste.

What Does Make Us A Leading Fruit Jam Manufacturer In India?

Here’s what makes Pursuit one of the leading fruit Jam manufacturers in India:

We selectively choose raw materials

One of the key factors that make us better than our competitors is the fact that we procure the highest quality raw materials. We choose the best quality raw materials from vendors. Our team of experts tries different raw material providers to make sure that we select the best one to make jams. After all, the taste and quality of the jam depend on the raw material. Also, we have a quality check in place to ensure that we buy the highest quality raw materials.

We ensure topmost quality

We have a strict quality process in place to make sure that we make the most delicious jams. We keep our manufacturing processes innovating and technologies to make the best quality jams for jam lovers. The packaging of our jams is also done with the utmost care.

Want to know more about our jams? Feel free to get in touch with our team.


  • Glass Bottle: 370 GM,450 GM
  • Pet Jar: 5 KG

Stuffing Quanity in Container:

  • 370 GM x 12 PCs / Cartoon = 3650 Cartoon/1x 20' FCL
  • 450 GM x 12 PCs / Cartoon = 3220 Cartoon/1 x 20' FCL
  • 5 KG x 2 Pcs / Cartoon = 1800 Cartoon/1 x 20' FCL

Mix fruit Jam

Strawberry Jam

Pineapple Jam

Blueberry Jam

Mango Jam

Raspberry Jam

Orange Jam

Apricot Jam

Cherry Jam

Peach Jam