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FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Bags are used extensively by many industries to store, package, and supply goods. Pursuit manufactures a wide range of FIBC bags India in various sizes and variations to meet the clients' needs. Companies identify the best ways to use the products in their industrial processes, supply chains, etc. Many companies are using these FIBC Jumbo bags for many different projects too. We have been manufacturing and supplying a high volume of the bags to the clients for a long time as the demand for the bags is high and increasing day by day.

Top applications and uses of Pursuit’s FIBC bags in India:

Agricultural Industry

FIBC bags are used widely in the agricultural industry due to many reasons. In the field of agriculture, storage and transportation of goods are very important. Inadequate storage may lead to wastage and losses. Therefore, people use strong FIBC bags for proper packaging. The bags are used widely for packing and transporting agricultural products like pulses, grains, fertilizers, and much more.

Solids in many other industries

Apart from the solid agricultural products, many other products are stored and transported using FIBC bags in India. A few of the products that are stored and packaged in these bags are bricks, chunks of ore, blocks, some kind of other metals, etc. FIBC bags are also widely used in the construction industry as they are a convenient option for transporting many materials.

Storing and Packing Plastic and Powder

Plastic is also one of the other materials that are stored and transported in FIBC bags. These bags are the preferred choice of the industries for the safe and economical transportation of plastic pellets.

You can also store Fine material or powder in FIBC bags for transportation. For this purpose, people mostly use bags with sift-proof. Some of the products that are stored and transported in these bags include cement, minerals, powdered metals, spices, and much more. In fact, in some cases, these bags can also be used for the transportation of liquid. Although, there is a special kind of FIBC bag needed for storing liquids.

Benefits of using FIBC bags in India:

The bags are sturdy; therefore, they are a reliable option for safe packaging and transportation of the goods. The outer layers of the bulk bags allow air and moisture to pass through easily, helping to reduce spoilage. The bags play a pivotal role in safely preserving the quality of the products. The bags are solid and resilient, and they are also pretty durable. Coated FIBC bags are also a popular choice because they are perfect for transporting very fine materials. There are various uses for the bags and many benefits of using these bags.

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