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Pursuit is one of the best Ferric Chloride manufacturers in India makes and supplies a good quantity of chemicals to many companies. We make ferric chloride that can be used for many purposes, although the main use of this chemical is to treat and purify the water. The chemical is used extensively in wastewater treatment plants. There are many reasons and features that make ferric chloride a top choice in the industry, one of them is its odors. We supply ferric chloride in large quantities to many clients, including clients dealing in industrial water applications.

Applications of Ferric Chloride

Listed below are some of the key applications of Ferric Chloride:

  • For the sewage treatment
  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards
  • For many purposes in the laboratories
  • Intricate medical devices
  • As a catalyst in many reactions
  • As a drying reagent in plenty of chemical reactions
  • For colorimetric tests for phenols
  • For pattern wielding
  • To strip the aluminum coating from mirrors

Why Buy Ferric Chloride from Pursuit - Best Ferric Chloride Manufacturers in India

Here are a few of the main reasons to buy Ferric Chloride from Pursuit, one of the topmost Ferric Chloride manufacturers:

Quality of the Chemical

The quality of any chemical that is used in the industries or for making other chemicals is very important. We pay special attention to the quality of the chemical to make sure that only efficient and uncontaminated chemicals reach the clients. Being one of the topmost Ferric Chloride manufacturers, it is our responsibility to produce and supply only the finest quality chemicals. Because most clients can get the maximum benefits from the chemicals manufactured by us, they prefer to buy only from us for a long time.

Cutting-edge technology

We have a modern setup with high-tech machinery. Our goal is to produce a good quantity of high-quality chemicals at a quick pace. The latest technology empowers us to manufacture more efficiently. Also, we have a trained team that operates the machinery to produce the chemicals. Additionally, we also have a specific setup for the safe packaging and transportation of the chemicals.

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