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Pursuit produces world-class caustic soda flakes for our clients. We use top-notch infrastructure and modern technology to make the best quality caustic soda flakes. Soda flakes are used by different industries for various purposes. They have several applications, and some of the applications are quite common across the world. Therefore, good quality caustic soda flakes are high in demand, and we, at Pursuit make one of the finest quality caustic soda flakes for the industry. And therefore, we are recognized as one of the leading Caustic Soda Flakes manufacturers in the country.

Uses of Caustic Soda Flakes

Caustic Soda Flakes manufacturers make flakes that are used extensively in various industries. They are mostly used in alumina refineries. Additionally, you will see that the flakes are used in several soaps and detergent manufacturing units. Also, some paper and textile factories or industries utilize caustic soda flakes for various purposes. Pursuit even supplies caustic soda to many chemical processing units.

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As the demand for the product is very high, the production should also be up to the mark. Keeping this in mind, we have built a modern facility to manufacture caustic soda flakes in decent quantity. So, if you want to buy caustic soda flakes in any quantity, you can discuss your requirements with us. Also, we try and offer customizations services to clients. And therefore, we are recognized as being one of the leading and favorite Caustic Soda Flakes manufacturers in India.

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